August 14, 2013


The all-white reinvention of Medieval Europe commonly depicted in popular fiction, films, tv shows and art is entirely that: a fiction. An invention. An erasure. Obviously, people of color have been an essential and integral part of European life, European art, and European literary imagination since time immemorial. To cite “historical accuracy” as a means to project whitewashed images of the past into the future to maintain a fiction of white supremacy is an unconscionable farce.

People of Color are not an anachronism.




Probably a little too narrowly-focused for an anthology, but damn would I read novels about these people.

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January 9, 2013
Polly Guo: allofmystupids: “Thompson adds, “When I ask people what basis there is...


“Thompson adds, “When I ask people what basis there is for Gatsby being white, I get silence. I have asked students, colleagues. They don’t know. They cannot give me any evidence to back up the speculation. And why haven’t people made this argument so far?” Fitzgerald…

There’s also an interesting reading of Daisy as black, or of black ancestry (for example), which I’ve never seen get much attention.

January 19, 2012
Racism is, at its root, a lie.The habit of lying does not end with the racism itself. It is a contagion that extends to the defense of the initial lie.

— Ta-Nehisi Coates

(Source: The Atlantic)

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